Sunday, 12 August 2012

Tee and Cake!

So today I'm going to tell you about a brand that I discovered not long ago, it's called 'Tee and Cake' and they specialise in t-shirts and tank tops with illustrations and iconic pictures on them. At the moment they are only stocked in Topshop (good for me!) but I am hoping that they branch out and that they also create some more designs.

I always see their clothes on the website and they always make me smile, but this one in particular stood out to me, for various reasons (which I won't explain, it would take too long) and at first I thought it was way to expensive (it was £22) but after a few days contemplating it, I decided to just go ahead and buy it. 

The t-shirt is a dark grey colour and features a motif of Beethoven on it, which I thought was really cool and different. It also has little rolled up sleeves which I think are really nice too and just adds a little something extra to the t-shirt. The only thing I dislike about the design are the little holes that it has all along the bottom and around the neckline- they look like they shouldn't be there, but they are all evenly spaced so clearly they are.

The material it's made of is quite thin, when I ordered it I was expecting a really thick t-shirt where you could feel the quality, and this isn't like it, so I wouldn't say that it's worth £22 in that aspect, but for the originality and style of the top, I am willing to pay that so I'm definitely keeping this. My favourite thing about the whole t-shirt though, has to be the label: 

It has an actual recipe on it and I think it is just a great touch and is what really separates this brand from so many other t-shirt brands. 

Overall, I love this tee and will be wearing it with everything from now on! There's a few other t-shirts in the range which I would like to try- in particular, one which features 'Moustaches of the world' and the other has the quote 'If music be the food of love play on'. Everything in the brand ranges between £20 and £30 and I am hoping that they bring out some more designs soon!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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