Friday, 1 November 2013

October Favourites

Not many favourites for you this month- I didn't do a September Favourites post because to be honest, there wasn't anything that stood out to me that I thought was worth including. It seems like October has gone so quickly but that's because I'm writing this post half way through the month as I'll be away when you read this!

Black Leigh Jeans- my love for Topshop jeans goes on and as I mentioned in a recent haul post I'm loving these black ones at the moment as they go with everything. I adore buying new Leigh jeans because they're always so soft and stretchy.
Jumpers- I picked these two jumpers up from Topshop October and adore them. I've never really had lots of jumpers so thought I was in need of a couple more and I love these. They both have a really nice fit- not too tight, not too baggy- the colours are gorgeous, plus they're so soft.
Sleek Face Form- I mentioned this in the recent haul post again and I love it. It's so versatile because you can wear the shades all together or just use one. The contour shade makes a really precise contour, the blush is perfect for when I want a glowing complexion and this is a really natural highlight too.
EOS Lip Balm- I picked this up in America in the summer and it really is lovely. It has a strawberry scent and I like to apply this when I do my make-up in the morning to let in sink in before I apply lipstick. You can get these in a couple of places in the UK, or Boots sell a similar product called 'Balmi'.

Olivia Ellen XXX


  1. The Sleek blush palette looks really cute. I love how slim all the Sleek products are.

  2. that bobberly coloured knit is gorgeous! x

  3. I use sleek blusherseveryday!! Love them x

  4. I love sleep blushes :) this palette looks gorgeous.

    xx Vivi


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