Wednesday, 31 July 2013

MAC 'So Chaud' Lipstick Review

Another of the prizes in Chloe Witty's giveaway was a MAC lipstick of your choice- the colour I chose was 'So Chaud'. It has a matte finish which is my favourite from MAC as they tend to last longest on my lips and I also think they suit me best. 'So Chaud' is French for 'so hot' and it really is. I would describe it as a bold orangey red.

This is going to be perfect for summer due to the brightness and will work for both day and evening, depending on the look you are going for. I have three matte MAC shades and this is actually the least drying of all three, so another reason to love it.
£15, MAC

Olivia Ellen XXX


  1. Wanted this for the longest time! It would be a perfect addition to my collection, just feels too late to be adding summery lipsticks right now! xx


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