Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush

Body Scrub // Body Wash // Body Lotion // Fragrance Mist

I guess this makes it official- I am in love with the Sugar Crush scent from Soap and Glory. I'd describe it as zesty but sweet, a really perfect summery smell which is probably why I've become so obsessed with it lately. The first product I had (and one I've just finished) is the body scrub. I like this because the scent is really intense and perfect for waking me up in the morning and the scrub particles feel really gentle on the skin. Unfortunately it's just run out but I've told myself I need to finish off some of my other scrubs before I repurchase this one!

Next up is the shower gel which comes in this fantastically huge bottle which will last me ages. Again, the scent is really intense and this feels really creamy and leaves my skin feeling really smooth so it's great to use when I shave my legs. The body lotion came next and again comes in this huge bottle. While ordinarily £10 for a body lotion seems like a lot to me I know this on will last me a long time. I keep it by my bed so the pump is really convenient and hygienic. Finally my favourite- the fragrance mist. I feel like this a fairly new product, although I might be wrong, but I adore smothering myself in this scent and genuinely got a lot of compliments when I wear it. While the scent isn't as concentrated as a perfume, it clings to clothing and particularly in my hair so I sometimes just catch whiffs of it throughout the day which is really nice.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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