Friday, 5 July 2013

Empty Products #1

I've seen a lot of different bloggers do this kind of post and I've never done one before so I thought I'd give it a go! I've only got three products to show you that I have recently finished but I thought it would be worth showing you anyway.

After having this product since Christmas, I recently finished the Bare Minerals Foundation. I got this as part of the starter kit which means you get two different shades of powder foundation in 2g each pots. I'm sure I've talked about this way too much but I'll say it again- this is my ultimate foundation. It has medium coverage which is very buildable and it just feels so light and looks so natural, I honestly don't know how I ever lived without this! This is the colour 'Fairly Light' which has neutral undertones and I've also almost finished the colour 'Light' which has warm undertones.
Would I buy this again? Yes. In fact I already have- I got another pot in 'Fairly Light' for my birthday in an 8g size pot which I know will last me a long time.
£25, Bare Minerals

Another Bare Minerals product which I've recently finished is 'Mineral Veil' which is basically a finishing powder. I found it didn't do as much as I'd hoped as it didn't particularly reduce shine which is always an issue for me, and I don't think it held my make-up on particularly well either.
Would I buy this again? In all honesty, no. I don't think it's worth the money, I've found that the Rimmel Stay Matte powder works way better and is a hell of a lot cheaper. Maybe this would have worked better for other people but it's not for me and my oily skin.
£20, Bare Minerals

Does this happen to anyone else or just me? I have a bottle of shampoo and conditioner and somehow manage to finish the conditioner way before the shampoo. But despite that, I adore this Andrew Barton shampoo and conditioner combo. Even just the shampoo makes my hair feel super smooth even before the conditioner which is very rare. It's one of the best combinations I've tried in terms of shine, and is reasonably priced too although only available from Asda. One downside- the shampoo is in a plastic bottle which I find really difficult. I'm not the strongest of people but I do find it difficult to squeeze the shampoo out of the bottle so now have to take the whole lid off the bottle to get enough off.
Would I buy this again? I think I would- maybe not straight away because I do like to change up my haircare routine regularly but I'm sure I will go back to this at one point.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is one of my favourite all time hair products and I've been through so many bottles of it. I use it maybe 3 times a month or just whenever my hair feels in need of some care. There are loads of varieties so one to suit every hair type.
Would I buy this again? Definitely, it's something I always make sure to keep a bottle of this in my cupboard for when my hair feels in need of a treat.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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