Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Holiday Haul- Forever 21, Primark, Boots

Another haul for you today I'm afraid! All of these things I picked up are for the trip that I am probably currently on when you read this- hopefully I'm having a great time and the weather is nice, but we'll see! I went shopping to Birmingham this time and my main aim was to pick up things that would be good for hot weather and that keep me covered up too, whilst being quite cheap so here are the things I picked up:

Firstly, I picked up this maxi skirt from Primark for £10- I love the black and white aztec print, and a maxi skirt is a great way to stay covered up but also you won't get too hot, particularly because this is a nice thin material. This did come with a black belt but I won't bother wearing it with it (the amount of black skinny belts I have because of things like this is unreal!).

This printed cat t-shirt just jumped out at me and I just had to buy it. Again, it's from Primark and was only £5, a price which I'm a little ashamed of o be honest but nevertheless, it's cute. It has little rolled sleeves and a slightly cropped fit which I think is so cute, I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of these all year round.

Terrible picture but I picked up this pink top in Forever 21 for around £9. It's a thin stretchy material with cropped sleeves which are tight, but the rest of the top is loose and flowy. I love it and think it will go with a lot of things, and it will also be great for travelling as it is very comfortable.

I was surprised at how little pairs of cat-eye sunglasses they had in Forever 21 as they are such a hit right now. I managed to buy these pink one for around £5 because I just love cat-eye shapes at the moment, I think they suit me too.

I got this scarf because of the gorgeous colours- it's kind of ombre from orange to pink and if you look closely, it has an aztec pattern on it too. It's going to be so pretty for covering up my shoulders or wearing as  a headscarf and it was only around £8.

Now onto the non-clothing items- I picked up this pack of 5 socks n Primark for £2.50. They are ankle socks and just look at the colours! I couldn't resist.

Is it just me who thinks that hair bobbles have a mind of their own? I buy a huge pack like this and soon enough they've all just wondered off. In this pack from Primark you get 30 bobbles for just £1.

Very excitingly, I picked up my first Tangle Teezer in pink. I'd been debating getting one for a while but have been undecided due to the price. In the end, I decided just to go for it and I haven't looked back. Before, I dreaded brushing my hair as it hurt so much trying to de-knot it, but now it's so quick and easy, I don't know why I didn't go for it earlier.

Finally, I bought myself a new eyebrow pencil. I chose this one as it will be great for travelling- it has a pencil, a comb and and a wax stick on the other end. I shan't do a few review on it but I will say this- the pencil is very soft and kind of waxy in itself, so it applies very easily, but sometimes too easily as I end up looking like I have a scouse brow. However, if you brush it out with the comb it normal looks ok. As for the 'wax', it's ok- it doesn't hold my brows in place as firmly as a brow gel but it does the job for taming some of the strays and stays put for a fair while. The pencil is by L'oreal and costs around £5.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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