Friday, 7 February 2014

eBay Acrylic Storage

I caved in recently and bought some of the typical 'beauty blogger storage'. I did a post last year about how I store all my make-up (you can read it here), but I basically keep it in a mirrored cabinet which has three shelves and used to be plenty big to fit everything in. However as my collection grows I was starting to get pressed for space so decided to buy some extra storage.

I got both of these acrylic boxes from eBay and they fit right into my cupboard and just condense things down so I have more shelf space. Before, my lip products were spread across a whole shelf but now I have all lipsticks in his handy holder which has 24 spaces- exactly right to fit in all my lip products at the moment, although when I buy more I will most likely have to order myself another of these. The lipstick holder cost me less than £3 here.

The other is a slightly smaller box with circular compartments which is perfect for fitting in primers and concealers and I also have a BB cream and a foundation sample in there too. This one cost less than £4 here, and again just stops everything being spread out across a shelf and keeps it all together which is very handy.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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