Monday, 1 October 2012

Trend of the Week: Camouflage

Hiya guys! So I'm going to talk about another Autumn/Winter trend that I'm loving at the moment, and this is camouflage and army gear! So here are some of the items that I am loving in shops at the moment:

My first item, and probably my favourite item, are these shorts from Topshop and I love these! They're high waisted, and rolled over at the bottom. I also think that because of the darkish colours they're perfect for Autumn, and the camouflage isn't too in your face either. They're £34 which is a lot, but luckily they only have them left in a size 14 so I can't be tempted to buy them! I would probably style these with some black tights, a slouchy grey t-shirt tucked in, and then some Converse or Dr Martins.

Next is a jumper, also from Topshop and I actually tried this on in store a couple of weeks ago and I really do like it. It's kind of a towel/fleece material and it's quite slouchy and casual, although the sleeves are tight at the bottom which gives it a bit better shape. This would probably look best with some leggings, or some very skinny jeans, because otherwise I think it would be a bit of a baggy outfit. This is £32 and is perfect for Autumn.

On the left is a camouflage tank top by a brand called Vintage Surplus. This is quite wide and again, slouchy like the last jumper, and this is quite long so definitely would look best with leggings, and then some chunky boots. I like the darker colours, because it's not too out-there. It's from Urban Outfitters and costs £18 which I think is a real bargain because it's such good quality!

You can also wear camouflage in your accessories, which I've shown on the right- this is a light woollen scarf from Topshop (there's been a lot of Topshop today, sorry guys!) and I really like it because I think it will be great for winter if you team it with a relatively plain outfit, as you can't team it with other camo items, or with any other prints either as I think it would clash too much. This is £16.

The one thing that I haven't included is a camouflage coat/jacket. Now, like a lot of people, I do really like these jackets, because I think they are an easy way to add a military touch to an outfit. However, I feel like they are so widely available now and so many people own them that I think I've just gone of them a bit now, because I don't particularly want to be the same as everyone else!

Overall, I think the key to wearing camouflage is to take one piece, and keep the rest of the outfit simple so that the camouflage is the focus of the outfit. Good luck!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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