Friday, 2 November 2012

Small Holiday Haul!

So as you probably know, I was away in half-term which is why I couldn't post, but while I was there I bought some things that I am so happy with, and thought I would share with you. Now I'll tell you the price in euros and then roughly how much that is in pounds, as some of the things I bought are cheaper than they are in England and some are a little more.

I'll start with clothing and both the items I bought are from Mango, the first being just a simple cotton shirt which they call the 'Oxford Shirt' which is a name I love! It is white with thin blue stripes on it, and has long sleeves, meaning that if you want a smart look you can leave the sleeves long or for a more casual look I like to roll the sleeves up. I've worn this a few times already and I particularly love it tucked into some skinny jeans with my biker jacket over the top. This was 20 Euros I think, which is about £16 which is a bargain.

The other clothing item is a black blouse, again from Mango, and this one is so cute- it has a sheer top and sleeves and has a peter pan collar on it, although the rest of the top is a thicker material. It then just has  gold zip down the back, so it's quite a simple top but I do really like it. This one again looks great tucked into skinny jeans with some heels, perfect for a meal out or something, and you can also dress it up by wearing it with a skirt. This one was 25 Euros which is about £20 so again, quite cheap really.

Next I went into Sephora which I was super excited about, because I just love that shop! I've been in one in America and then this one in Spain, and because they don't have it in the UK just means that it's all new and exciting so I do love it. Anyway, I picked up a lipstick which I love, and it's number R24 'Bewitch Me' by Sephora, and the colour is a really dark plum purple. It's kind of almost black in a way it's so dark, but I'd been looking for a dark lipstick like this for a while and just decided to buy it. I think this is going to be a huge colour for this winter, and so I'm glad I bought it. With this, because the colour is so bold, I would keep my make-up simple, just lining my eyes lightly in black, and then wearing this on my lips. This was about 11 Euros I think, which comes to about £8 so it's a mid price lipstick.

I've saved the most exciting thing until last in my opinion, and I actually bought a MAC lipstick (yay!). I'm so so happy with it, I've been wanting one for ages and so I just decided to buy one. It was really easy to choose the shade I wanted- I was looking at the stand and just picked up the one which caught my eye the most, and it just happened to be Ruby Woo which is number 62 I believe. I love the colour- it's a rich velvety red colour, and it has a matte texture. It applies really easily, and lasts quite well on my lips. I've worn it quite a few times already, I think it has become my favourite lipstick. It is scented, but it's not a heavy scent. I'd probably say it was a sweet smell, a bit like cake icing, but it's pleasant, definitely not too intense. This was 19 Euros which I think works out to be about £14 so it's pretty much the same price as one in the UK.

So I hope you enjoyed this, I've got a lot of posts for you planned, including some beauty reviews, and also a 'How to Style: Dark Lipsticks' which will include the two lipsticks I've shown you today.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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