Friday, 25 January 2013

MAC Lipstick in 'Please Me'

Hello lovely people, have a little review for you today! So not long ago I was feeling a little down and decided I needed a treat so I thought I'd buy myself a new MAC lipstick. I already have one (Ruby Woo) which is a really bright colour, but I decided to go for something nice and natural that I could wear on a daily basis if I wanted to.

So here it is: it's called 'Please Me' and is a matte finish. The colour is a cute baby pink one, it's quite natural and is exactly what I was thinking of getting.

Here is the swatch, although on my lips it looks a little different to that, but anyway I love it, and I can see myself wearing this an awful lot, especially as the weather warms up and it goes into Spring. It's definitely matte, and this is probably my favourite finish when it comes to lipstick because you can layer a shiny lip balm of gloss over the top. Also it has the really sweet kind of cupcake smell that most MAC lipsticks have and I just adore that!

'Please Me' is £14 and is available here.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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