Monday, 21 January 2013

Trend of the Week: Animal

So I'm talking animal prints and motifs- a trend which in my opinion can either go wonderfully right or horribly wrong depending on how you style it. I've found a variety of things online to show you, so lets get going:

This dress is from Topshop, and has a fantastic panther design on the top half, and just a plain skater skirt on the bottom. I actually tried this on in store before and it has a really gorgeous shape, it's very flattering. I love the panther design, because it's quite easy to pull off, and can be toned down if you want.
How I'd wear this: go with black tights, some lace up shoes (I'd go with my Vans), a denim jacket and a slouchy bag for a comfy and casual look.

So these leggings are a bit more obvious with the animal print. They're from Boohoo and only cost £10, I love the black and white leopard print (is it even leopard? I think I'll go with cheetah actually). As long as you keep the rest of the outfit simple I think these can be pulled off.
How I'd wear this: throw a baggy grey t-shirt over the top, maybe a leather jacket and some Doc Martins, and a stack of arm candy.

Next up is this super cute shirt from Oasis, and it's a gorgeous turquoise-blue colour with a swallow print all over it. It's really sophisticated but the print gives it an element of fun which I always love in my clothes.
How I'd style this: I'd probably go with a skater skirt and some black heels for an evening look (you could add tights if it's chilly out) or tucked into some skinny jeans with a plain blazer for the day.

Finally, is this gorgeous skirt from River Island at ASOS, it has an adorable duck print on it, and has buttons down the front. It's kind of a skater style which makes it nice and casual, and I love that it comes with the belt, it's a great touch. The skirt is only £22 and I really think a lot of wear could be got out of this because of the cream colour, it will go with a lot.
How I'd style this: to be honest, I love how it's worn in the photo, with a denim shirt and some boots, but you could also wear it with a cable knit jumper if it was a bit chilly out.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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