Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Haircare Routine

Like my make-up routine, I change up my haircare regularly so today's post is mainly going to be me showing you some of my favourite haircare products and some that I keep going back to, starting with shampoo:

Like so many people, I'm a huge fan of Aussie products, and although I like to try a variety of shampoos, Aussie is the brand that I keep going back to. The 'Take the Heat' range is one of my favourites because I really feel like these help to strengthen and repair my hair. I also use the 3 Minute Miracle maybe once or twice a week when I feel like my hair just needs a bit of a boost.

These are the products I tend to find myself reaching for most. Firstly, two sea salt sprays- by Lee Stafford and one by Aussie. I like to spray these into my hair and then scrunch it up and it just gives a lovely textured, voluminous look, plus they both smell lush. I use this Aussie Shine Serum when my hair is feeling a bit dry, particularly on the ends and it makes it feel very soft and shiny too. Of course, I couldn't live without hairspray- I don't have a particular favourite but I'm using this VO5 one at the moment and it's working pretty well.

In terms of styling tools, I don't use much. I rarely use my hair straighteners anymore, my hair dryer is the only thing I really rely on. I use my hair Tangle Teezer everyday because my hair gets in such a mess at times and this makes it so easy to brush. I also couldn't live without hair bobbles and hair grips- I often throw my hair up in a top-knot when I don't want to wash it or bother with it and I always get little stray bits so I always need hair grips.

I am a hair-dye obsessive and have been dying my hair regularly for 4-5 years now. I often do it at home using semi-permanent kits and like to keep the colour swatches so I can remember what colours it's been. My favourite out of these is the bright ginger or the rich red, although neither lasted very long. I'm sure I'll continue to dye my hair for a long time, because I love how easily it can change your appearance and I like to match my hair colours to the seasons.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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