Monday, 23 December 2013

Hair History // Part 1

Looking back at these photos, I think it's fair to say my hair has changed a fair bit in 16 years and 8 months of my life so far. I'd trawled through a lot of old photos to find these for you and today I'm going to share with you my hair history part one, and next week I'll be posting part two so give me a follow to look out for that.

1. Me at 18 months. I was quite a fair haired baby although what I would currently class as my natural colour is a mid brown.
2. Around 5 years old, my hair looks quite blonde here although my mom once told be that she used lightening spray on my hair as she wanted a blonde girl!
3. I was aged 9 in this photo and this was pretty much my hair for a chunk of my childhood- long, mid brown and naturally deadly straight which I hated at times.
4. In 2008 (making me 10 or 11 here) I started to change my hair. I got it cut so it was shoulder length which was a drastic change at the time. How awful is this pose?! I was off to a 'formal' party so my mom curled my hair for me.
5. This is the summer of '09 so I would have been 12 and my hair is in a pixie cut. I liked this because it was so easy to maintain, I literally did nothing to it.
6. Christmas 2009, still a pixie cut but a bit neater.
7. Oh the cringe! This is the shortest my hair ever was, it was literally a boy hair cut and this was in 2010 so I would have been 12 and in year 8 at school I think. Looking back on this I really hate it.
8. This was my 13th birthday and is when I first starting regularly dying my hair. It had grown a little and I'd dyed it a gingery-red.
9+10. These were actually on the same holiday in 2010. I'd grown my hair out a bit and had a full fringe, although I was getting fed up of managing a fringe s often kept it pulled off my face.
11. At the Clothes Show in 2010, my hair had grown a fair bit and I'd dyed it almost black.I quite like the frizzy style it's in here.
12. Christmas '10, shows the length of my hair at the time. I've always had naturally very straight hair which for me was a nightmare because it always just looked so flat.
13. At the start of 2011 I went back to a fringe and dyed it a dark plum colour. This fringe didn't last long- it was such a pain to keep neat and I could never get it to look just right.
14, 15, 16. All in the summer of 2011. My hair was a light brown colour (how awful are the roots in the last photo) and it wasn't quite at shoulder length.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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