Friday, 5 September 2014

Good, Bad and Ugly // AW14 Beauty

Despite fashion trends being the most discussed as we transition into next season, I'm also interested in how the catwalk shows portrayed next season's beauty looks. I did some research and was intrigued to say the least- some of the looks are, interesting shall we say. They certainly won't be for everyone but I thought I'd share my thoughts with you today.

Vampire-Esque: Pale skin and dark lips in the way forward- the likes of Zimmermann, Max Mara and McQueen all suggest you ditch the tan and go for a flawless complexion with sunken eyes and very dark lips. I always get on board with the dark lips trend as it gets colder so this is definitely one I'll be experimenting with.

Copper Eyes: Another cute look involves metallic copper colours around the eyes. Whether you go for a hint in the inner corners as Issey Miyake did, or a line on your upper lash line, the mirrored through the crease as seen at Holly Fulton, it's something that can be achieved so simply and suits a multitude of skin tones.

Clumpy Lashes: OK, in my opinion, this is where it starts to go downhill- how many years have we been trying to find the perfect mascara that doesn't clump?! Now, clumpy lashes are apparently all the rage thanks to Prada. I can't say it's something I'll be rocking, as wouldn't people just look and think I'm a little rubbish at make-up?

Wet on Top: Saved my least favourite for last! Although this was the look seen on most catwalks, it's not one I can agree with. It involves using gel to slick down your roots, whilst leaving the length of your hair dry and loose. To me, it looks too much like the dreaded greasy roots that people so try to avoid so this is one look you will definitely never see on me!

So my overall thoughts? I think on the whole I'll be sticking with my regular AW looks- vampy lips and bold brows, but with maybe a bit of copper added in? We'll see. Any thoughts on these trends?

Olivia Ellen XXX


  1. I agree the last two trends are just stupid. No one wants clumpy lashes and greasy looking hair! x

  2. Haha there are always a few trends that are just awful aren't there! The copper eye look is gorgeous though.

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