Sunday, 7 September 2014

Double Denim (ish)

Jacket- Topshop // Jeans- Miss Selfridge // Necklace- Vintage Fashion Jewellery // Shirt- A&F // Shoes- Nike

Before venturing out in this outfit I was debating with myself whether or not it was acceptable to wear double light denim- I decided on yes, as long as I broke the look up with some colour in between. Hence the shirt- I haven't worn it on it's own for a while, although it's a good item to throw on as an extra layer. I think it works really well tied around my waist, and creates the 'I just threw this together quickly' look.

As I write this it's the day before I start my last year of school ever- it's quite a daunting thought. I've recently started writing for my local newspaper's website about being a student which you can read here. It's super exciting and so you can follow my journey through fashion and beauty here, and also my final year of school and hunting for universities over on the Express and Star website.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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