Friday, 7 March 2014

I'm Listening To...

I don't often do lifestyle posts but thought I would share with you some of my current music favourites. For a while I felt like I was in a bit of a music rut, listening to the same albums over and over but recently so many new artists and albums have been coming out that I've been listening to a huge variety of things, so here are my favourites:

Jake Bugg: Shangri La- this is Jake Bugg's second album and I've followed him from the start, I adore his voice and style. It's hard to describe but it's kind of indie-bluesy-folky and is really nice. I saw him live back in December and I was blown away by his talent and modesty.
Favourite song- 'Pine Trees' because it's just so beautiful.

Lorde: Pure Heroine- yes, I became hooked on Lorde after 'Royals'. It was catchy but her album is so much more than that. It's edgy and she really has a way with words. A lot of people really don't like her but I think being the same age as me and producing something like this is really admirable.
Favourite song- '400 Lux', I love it so so much.

Eliza Doolittle: In Your Hands- she's another artist I've followed from the start, her first album came out in 2010 and I saw her on tour in the same year. It was very summery and sweet but three years on she has clearly changed a lot and this album has a much more grown-up sound which I love. It's different from anything I normally listen to but I'm a big fan.
Favourite song- the first song I listened to off the album which was 'Waste of Time'.

Haim: Days Are Gone- I didn't get into Haim until after all the hype around them as to be honest, I didn't think I liked the whole 'girl band' thing but I'm so glad I started listening to them. The girls are great and the music is so empowering.
Favourite song- 'The Wire' as it was the first song I listened to by them after someone mentioned it to me.

The Family Rain: Under the Volcano- this is their debut album that only came out last month; I first started listening to them after they supported Jake Bugg on his tour and thought they were brilliant live. The album has an indie style which I love and I think the songs are quite original.
Favourite song- 'Pushing It', I remember this one most from them live.

Other artists you should listen to: The Vaccines, Fall Out Boy, Marina and the Diamonds, Arctic MonkeysThe xx.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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