Monday, 3 March 2014

Juju Babe in White // Shoe Unboxing

Oh my- I think I have a new favourite pair of shoes. Last summer I bought a pair of the flat Juju Jellies in clear silver glitter and I literally wore them to death, they've been to 5 different countries and went with everything so I decided I wanted a new pair this year. Now it's March it's officially spring in my head I was browsing and decided on the 'Babe' style which have a 2.5 inch heel. I went for white as obviously they go with everything.

I've already worn these out a couple of times and cannot stress how comfortable they are. Yes you can feel that there is a heel and have to walk properly (no dragging your feet!) but they just give me that little bit of extra height that I feel I need and I feel so great when I wear these. I know I will get just as much wear out of these as I did from the flat pair I had last year which is great.

I picked these up for £25 from ASOS here (although if you're quick these, and a couple of other pairs, are down to £20) and I just noticed a pale pink pair that are exclusive to ASOS which I may find myself having to buy next month since pink is going to be the colour for summer.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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