Friday, 14 March 2014

Sleek Brow Stylist // Review

The sun was out today which can mean only one thing- outside product photos (don't worry, I sanitized this after it being outside!). I'm always a big fan of Sleek products and so when I heard they had a new brow pencil out I was dying to try it. The packaging as always is matte black and is very easy on the eyes. On one end of the pencil is a spooly brush to comb through your brows and on the other end is an angled crayon.

I ordered online and so had to take a guess as to what colour to buy but I went for the shade 'dark' and was surprised to find that it was exactly the right shade for my brows. As you can see from the swatch, it's more of a mid to dark brown shade so if you have very dark brows you might have to build this up quite a lot. The crayon has a waxy texture which means it helps to hold your brows in place and the angled tip is so useful- I use the widest part to fill the front of the brows and then use the thinnest part to fill after the arch. I do still use a brow gel after this (Maybelline's Brow Drama) as my brows are quite wild at times.

The fact that it comes with a comb is so useful as it means I only need to take this with me when I'm travelling. While I do still like using a brow powder at times, this is so much quicker and easier to do, as if you make a mistake it's fairly easy to rub off so you can afford to be a little less precise.

Sleek's Brow Stylist retails for £5.99 and is available on Boots, in Superdrug and on their website.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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