Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Another Cat Top?! Yes Please...

Top- Topshop // Jeans- Topshop // Jacket- Miss Selfridge // Necklace- Vintage

I just can't seem to say no to something with a cat on, but lets face it- who would say no to this super cute t-shirt anyway?! I snapped it up very quickly because of the cute print and light fabric which will mean I'm still able to wear it in summer. It has a slightly french vibe due to the stripes and have made it more sophisticated with this faux pearl necklace which I adore.

As you may have noticed I didn't post on Monday- I'm super busy with exams and concerts at the moment so will be cutting down my posting a bit for a couple of months until all this is over! So you can expect posts on Wednesdays and Sundays so look out for those, and of course you can give my blog a follow to keep up to date with these- when I hit 100 Bloglovin' followers I'll be launching a MAC giveaway!

Olivia Ellen XXX

1 comment:

  1. ahhhh so in love with your top haha I love it! would love for you to check out m blog if you have a spare minute :)


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