Sunday, 11 May 2014

Jessica Custom Nail Colour in Ocean Bloom // Review

Jessica is the brand used in my local salon and recently they had an offer on whereby if you had a manicure you got a free polish of your choice, so I sent my mom off to get her nails done and to claim the polish! The shade I chose was 'Ocean Bloom' which is a really cute pinky-orchid shade. For the price it's quite a small bottle but apart from that I am super impressed with this shade. In this swatch I used two coats however I found when I used it on my nails I could get away with one coat with it being pretty opaque and streak-free. With my Orly Basecoat it lasted about 4 days chip-free which I was super happy with, so overall I would really recommend this shade for a lovely summery colour.

Olivia Ellen XXX 


  1. I love Jessica nail polishes - they have lots of lovely colours and they share my name.

    Beautiful blog, I'm following :)

  2. I love Jessica nail polishes too, because as well as staying on well, nail polish remover pads take the colour off so easily. One swipe and it's off, none of this rubbing hard like you have to with so many polishes.


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