Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Weekend in London

If you follow me on any social media sites, you'll probably know that at the end of April it was my birthday, and I was super lucky to spend it in London so I thought I'd share a few snaps with you today. I had a fantastic time, and although not my first time in London, there were a lot of firsts involved in this trip so it was definitely a memorable one.

Our hotel overlooked Leicester Square and from my window you could see the Odeon where red carpet premieres normally take place. The hotel also found out it was my birthday and bought a super cute little platter of cakes to the room. We went down to Buckingham Palace and just by coincidence saw the Horse Guards Parade which really was a spectacle. Dinner was in a french restaurant just off Covent Garden called 'Boulevard Brasserie' where I had a delightful 'French Revolution' champagne cocktail.

The highlight was definitely seeing Les Miserables- it's something I've wanted to see for such a long time so it really was like a dream come true. After the show (which was incredible might I add) I headed round to the stage door and managed to meet three of my favourite actors which still seems quite surreal, thus explaining the slightly crazed looked on my face in the photos- and yes, that is mascara smudged around my eyes, I did cry a fair bit!

The next day we visited the Tate Modern- a spectacular building however I can't say I'm a fan of modern art- the only piece of art I actually understood was by Tracy Emin called 'Hate and Power is a Terrible Thing' and that is purely because it has the words 'you cruel heartless bitch' sewn on. Had possibly the largest calzone for dinner at 'Obika' juts off Oxford Street which was delish, and finally we walked over the Millennium Bridge- the whole time I kept thinking, 'what is the dementors come like in Harry Potter?'

I didn't get any full outfit photos done (apologies!) but just in case you're wondering- on the first day, my shirt was from Topshop and both my dungaree dress and jacket are from Miss Selfridge. On the second day, I wore my Topshop Mom jeans, a New Look shirt and my scarf is from ASOS. On both days I carried my ASOS bag and wore my Office Dahlia shoes.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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