Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Soap and Glory Body Scrubs // Review

Ah, summer- sun comes out, skin comes out. Meaning it's time to get prepping. Through the winter months body care is not something I normally put a lot of effort into. I'm normally pretty covered up so I don't bother which is probably why I've never tried these body scrubs before. They are well loved in the blogging world and I would always stop in Boots to get a whiff of them but have never bought them. Now though I am so glad I have them and have been using them non-stop. I have a fair few events coming up where I intend to show some skin in cute summery dresses and perhaps slap on a bit of fake tan so these are going to be perfect for making sure I look my best.

Sugar Crush: This has to be my favourite smell out of the pair- it's sweet but also has citrus notes in there. It's a little bit sticky to begin with but the scrub is really fine and leaves my skin feeling smooth. What I like is that you don't need to use a huge amount each time so this is going to last me for ages, plus when I get out the shower the smell clings to me which is really pleasant.

Smoothie Breakfast: This smell is not as strong, but it has notes of maple syrup without it being too sweet. This one has a chunkier scrub and I feel this making an instant difference each time I use it. Again, the smell clings to me and you only need a small amount each time.

So far I've been using one of these every other day and I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin. Considering how long each of these tubs will last me, these are great value for money and I cannot recommend them enough if you haven't already tried them. My skin will be summer ready in no time!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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  1. I have the sugar crush scrub and I really like it too, the only problem I find when using them in the shower is that I end up with loads of water in them which is a bit annoying


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