Sunday, 25 May 2014

Summer Sharks

Top- H&M // Skirt- Topshop // Necklace- Primark // Shoes- Office // Shorts- H&M // Rings- ASOS and Topshop 

Finally getting chance to wear this incredible skirt again since the sun has finally come out! The pattern is just so insane and it's a really flattering shape, but I haven't actually worn it since a couple of months ago. Here I've paired it with a couple of basic items from H&M- firstly this crop top which is every so slightly off-the-shoulder which I think is really cute and it goes with everything. 

Secondly these lace cycling-style shorts. I have been after a pair of these for literally years but they're not a hugely popular item so they're really hard to find. I was in H&M the other day though and I just spotted one single pair of these alone on a random rail and just grabbed them- luckily they fitted and they were super cheap. When I wear a particularly short skirt like this one here, they just ensure that there will be no knicker slips, and they just add a cute, slightly lolita-esque touch to the look.

To finish off the look: on my nails is Barry M's Mint Ice-Cream and my lipstick is my new Topshop one called Ohh La La (there will be a full review of this up on my blog next week!).

Olivia Ellen XXX

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