Friday, 4 July 2014

Make-Up Inspo // Neon

I'm an obsessive planner- from what I'm wearing for an event down to which perfume to wear, I like to plan everything in advance (I even write lists of what make-up to wear, it's something my friends laugh at me for). About a month ago I found out I had a big concert event coming up so I bought a stunning neon yellowy green dress from Missguided- short and bodycon with a high neck. I adore it, but as the event approached my planning side kicked in and I started thinking about how on earth I was going to do my make-up. A dark smokey eye and red lip wasn't exactly going to look great, so I had to do some research:

I did an image search for people wearing neon yellows and greens to see how their make-up was. The whole look I got was flawless glowing skin, with a neutral eye (slightly smokey) and nude or coral lips. I particularly loved J'Lo's look but come on, it's J'Lo so she looks good in everything. I had a rootle around my make-up cupboard and came up with some colours I was going to use:

For my eyes, I went for my all time favourite palette (come on, you can guess this), Sleek's Au Natural, with my Topshop eye crayon in Gold Digger for my inner corners. To line my eyes I'm using a white eyliner in my waterline and a brown in my tightline, and using my Sleek Brow Stylist in Medium. Can you tell I like Sleek?! I'm using their Face Form in Light as a contour and highlight and the Topshop Cream Blush in Head over Heels, finishing with Topshop's Ohh La La on my lips. Of course, I'll use foundation and concealer etc- it's likely to be my Max Factor Miracle Touch foundation, and since I hope to be dancing the night away I'll finish everything with my Evian Facial Spray.

I'll try and do a 'Face of the Day' post with this look on the night which I'll have up as soon as I can, along with a full outfit post so you can see the whole look in action.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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