Sunday, 13 July 2014

Neon Green from Missguided

A very quick outfit post for you today- this is that outfit that I wore with the make-up I showed you on Friday. Unfortunately it was tipping down outside when I went out which meant I wasn't able to get full outfit snaps for you but I thought I'd show you a couple of shots anyway just so you could see what the dress looked like on. A picked up this dress a while ago as I thought it would be perfect for the event, and boy was I right- I felt so comfortable, as it was a great length and didn't show too much skin so I didn't feel at all self-conscious. Also, with a bit of fake tan on, the colour of the dress really popped and I had so many compliments, I felt truly lucky. As usual for a night out, I went with my Topshop Webbs as I danced and performed all night in these easily. This dress is kind of a thick material, so I did get quite hot at times but I'll let that go because I felt great in it otherwise. 

Olivia Ellen XXX

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