Friday, 24 October 2014

Face of the Day #15 // Gradient Eyes

Another night out, another face. I was going out for a meal with some friends to celebrate their birthday last week but I only had about 15 minutes to get ready. I already had a bit of face on- CC cream, eyebrows and some mascara- so that saved me some time. I went for a look on my eyes that I've done countless times. I used three matte shades from my Sleek Au Natural palette- a light grey, black through the crease and under the eye, and a cream for the inner corners- which I blended together to create a gentle gradient. I then used a bit of my Bare Minerals powder foundation to give me a bit more coverage, then I contoured and blushed using my Sleek Face Form. Done!

People are often asking me how I get my bun to look messy and casual and really there's no secret to it- if you see me with my hair up like this, it's normally because I've slept in it the night before which I how I get that perfect messy look. I'm really no hair expert!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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