Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Lace Midi and Velvet

Top- ASOS // Skirt- Boohoo // Shoes- ASOS // Necklace- Vintage Fashion Jewellery

OK, I know Christmas has kind of been and gone but I still wanted to share these slightly festive snaps I took of this recent outfit. Skirts like this have always appealed to me but I only decided to pick one up on Black Friday as Boohoo had a little flash sale on. I really love how classy this can look, especially with an all black ensemble and any opportunity to crack out this velvet crop top is widely welcomed by me. Also I took these photos on the same day that I re-dyed my hair red, using the same dye as last time. It takes a lot for me to use the same colour twice in a row but I really am a fan of my hair this colour, particularly in these wintery months, so we'll see if I feel like doing it for a third time soon! 

Olivia Ellen XXX

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