Sunday, 28 December 2014

A Few New Beauty Bits

I haven't done a haul in such a long time as normally I just review products individually, but there are a few new things I gained recently which I just wanted to say a few things about without reviewing in full separately. First off is this a cranberry hand soap from The Scottish Fine Soaps Company. I picked this bottle up in TK Maxx for by my sink as when I'm doing my make-up, I find I have to wash my hands multiple times during the process as I use my hands as almost a palette. The scent is so beautiful and not too Christmassy as there's no way I'll get through this huge bottle before the festive season is over (no matter how much it makes me want to wash my hands!).

This little Burts Bees set was a Secret Santa gift (although I do know who gave it to me) and I'm a big fan. I've never used any of the products before but both lip balms are wonderful (one is richly honey scented and the other is peppermint which really makes my lips tingle) and the hand salve is particularly lovely for around the nail beds to prevent them from getting all dry and scraggly. The jar that they came in also doubles up as a tea light holder which looks lovely in my bedroom. Finally, I mentioned that I had a new Revlon matte balm back in my review of Revlon's Skinlights. The shade is Unapolagetic and as you can see, it's a bright pink. I think it looks really great on, and you already know that I'm a big fan of the formula of these too.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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  1. I just bought the Burt's Bees set for a friend's birthday present and I think it is such a good idea (lip balm pot/tea light holder).
    Lovely post :)

    Alice x


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