Wednesday, 10 December 2014

MUJI Compressed Face Mask // Review

MUJI is one of those shops that drags you in- there's always something in that you somehow convince yourself that you need. Since there isn't really one near where I live, I stocked up last time I was in Convent Garden. This is a product I've been meaning to try for a while (it's been in my cupboard and I forgot about them) but I thought it was about time I gave these tiny tabs a go.

Unfortunately the instructions and details of the product are all in Japanese, which isn't ideal when you have no idea what a product is but I had a little read online and think I've figured it out. Taking one tab out the packet, they're very small and feel very firm. I was wondering at first how on earth this would expand into a full size face mask. On my first attempt, I dribbled some warm water over this and it instantly tripled in size. I then just unrolled it and placed it onto my face for about ten minutes. It already has holes cut out for eyes, nose and mouth which is really convenient and makes them very quick to use.

While I'm not sure of any genuine benefits, my skin did feel very refreshed after using this. I guess the idea behind using warm water is that is really opens your pores, meaning that is you cleanse or moisturise afterwards it can get really deep down into your skin.Also, I think using your toner rather than water could also work as it would gently sink into your skin. I only bought a pack of 5 which probably isn't very cost effective but you can also get a pack of 20 for £3.95 here which I guess is kind of reasonable. While I probably wouldn't rush out to repurchase these, they're quite pleasant to use so next time I'm in MUJI I may pick up some more to use as perhaps a weekly treat.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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  1. I was told you can stick them in serum left over from those packet cloth face masks.


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