Friday, 12 December 2014

Losing Physical Publications? // My Thoughts

I've always loved reading magazines, even since I was a child. It began with Girl Talk and later magazines such a Bliss (which for the record made me feel so grown-up). I'd been subscribed to Company magazine for almost two years when it announced a few months ago that they would no longer be in print. I was devastated- it had always been a favourite of mine for many reasons (they use recycled paper, regularly feature bloggers and is affordable) so I was surprised to hear that their sales were so low they couldn't afford to keep printing anymore. While they still maintain a pretty strong online presence, I can't seem to get over my feelings about losing physical publications.

I can't deny that I adore the internet- I wouldn't be having so much fun writing this blog without it right? I spend hours (probably too many) checking up on social media everyday and finding an interesting article online is so easy but for me, there's only so many hours a day I can spend staring a screen before I get fed up. I adore holding a glossy magazine in my hand, flicking through it, folding down pages of things I love. I feel the same about books- surely you can't beat the smell of an old (or new) book, marking your page with a funny bookmark or underlining things that make me think. Turning the pages on a screen just isn't the same.

My plan to study journalism at university hasn't been a straightforward as picking the first journalism course I find. I've had to look into courses which use a range of multimedia just in case the market for physical publications deteriorates further. It worries me, which is why I love having a monthly magazine subscription- I don't have to remember to go out and buy a new issue every month (something I would definitely forget to do) but I know I'm helping (however small that help may be) to keep that magazine afloat.

I want your opinions- can you imagine a world without magazines on the supermarket shelves? Get in touch in the comments!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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