Friday, 16 January 2015

Spectrum Brushes // Review

Flat Top Buffer // Tall Tapered Blender

Make-up brushes are (arguably) one of the easiest ways to perfect a make-up look- good brushes, good blending, good finish. Despite this, brushes are one of the items I buy least often. I find it hard to part with my money and just can't bring myself to spend £20 plus on a brush. When I The Sunday Girl's 'Brand's to Watch' in 2015, Spectrum Brushes were mentioned so I decided to take a peek at what they had on offer, and it wasn't soon before my order was in. 

Let's start with the packaging- they came looking beautiful. Everything from the metallic green jiffy bag, the personalised message to the translucent reusable case impressed me and made me feel like I was getting a great all-round product. The brushes themselves are so eye-catching with the pale pink handles and brightly coloured bristles so they really stand out in my collection.

I decided to pick up just two brushes to begin with. The Flat Top Buffer brush costs £8.99 which I felt was pretty reasonable. It's a really dense brush which makes is perfect for getting that airbrushed finish when applying foundation, even more so than my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. One of the things I loved when ordering is that there's a video along with the photos so that you can see how the brush moves so you can judge how dense the bristles are without feeling it yourself. The other brush I picked up, the Tall Tapered Blender, was actually in the sale at the time (it may still be, take a look) and so I paid on £3.99 for it. This is an amazing dupe for the MAC 217 brushes so for that price I am blown away. It makes blending out eye make-up so quick and easy so you're left with a really beautiful, soft look. I've been using these brushes a lot lately and so far have noticed virtually no fall-out of the bristles. They say you get what you pay for but these brushes are such amazing quality for the price that I just can't agree with that statement.

If you're after some new brushes I cannot recommend Spectrum enough. I will definitely be picking up more brushes from them in the future, plus they do some great brush sets which I've got my eyes on, so go check them out!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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  1. We were looking for brushes, so these are very nice, thanks to this post.
    Feliz fin de semana!


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