Wednesday, 7 January 2015

THE Blouse

Blouse- Missguided // Jeans- Miss Selfridge // Necklace- Miss Selfridge // Shoes- ASOS // Earrings- Topshop

Just a few more quick photos from the party season for you! I picked up this blouse from Missguided probably about a month ago now with no idea at the time how much of a staple piece it would become in my wardrobe. It has a draped crossover front which shows just the flattering amount of cleavage and is made out of a light, chiffon-style material. Literally, I have worn this a ridiculous amount of times because it's so simple- going out for drinks with friends? Perfect. Something fancier? Throw on a skirt rather than jeans and you're there. It's so simple to dress up with a few accessories so I'm definitely considering picking up this in a couple more colours!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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