Friday, 18 September 2015

Paperchase Haul

I'm an absolute sucker for stationary- it's one of my (many) shopping weaknesses because I feel like you can always justify it. I was in London earlier in the week with some time to kill so I popped into my favourite Paperchase in Covent Garden for a browse and came out with a few bits and bobs. First of all I picked up this cute floral A4 notebook which I think will be perfect for uni. I have so many different sized notebooks but I love A4 size for academic work so if I ever need to make some notes in lectures etc this will be perfect. This pencil case is also going to be great for university because it's just the right size to fit a few pens and pencils in but is small and light enough to fit in any bag. The print is absolutely stunning combined with the rose gold zip and was really affordable. They had a lot of products in this range and I genuinely could have bought them all!

It's no secret that I adore organisation and I adore cats so why not combine the two?! I bought this list pad which is also magnetic, meaning it'll be perfect stuck on my fridge to make quick shopping lists. I don't know what it is with washi tape at the moment but I am obsessed. This pack of 6 caught my eye and I couldn't say no. I love that it comes in this little cardboard tray that will help to keep them tidy on my desk.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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