Thursday, 27 September 2012

Collective Haul!

Hiya guys! I know it's been a while, really sorry about that, but I've got a collective haul for you today, and this is all kind of things from the past month or there abouts, so here we go:

So the first couple of things are a little random, but anyway, first is this notebook which I bought from John Lewis Cardiff. It was £5.50 and I just adore the pattern, and the paper inside feels such good quality. I am an obsessive list maker, as I make lists for everything from things to buy, even blog posts to write, so I always carry a notebook around with me, and I'm going to be starting this one in the new year as I thought 'new year, new notebook'.

Next is this book which I bought about a month ago, and it's a sewing book (I know, but I love to sew!) and it's written by Cath Kidson so everything in it is so kitsch, and it shows you how to make everything from a glasses case, to cushions to Cath Kidson style bags. I haven't made anything yet but am trying to get hold of some fabric so once I've made something I will show it to you! I bought this from Waterstones and I believe it was £9.

Next up is this spike bracelet which I think I mentioned in a 'Top Picks' post quite a while back. I got this from eBay, and it was only around £1.50 (including postage) and it took a few weeks to come, as I believe it came from China, so when it arrived I had completely forgotten about it and was so so happy to get it! It feels quite strong so I don't think it will break that easily, and looks great either alone to add some edge to an outfit, or stacked with other bracelets.

Next up is a cardigan that I bought the other day- I needed something to go with a dress for a wedding I have coming up to keep me warm, and I'd been looking everywhere for something and I just saw this in H&M and loved it. It's really slim fit and has a detachable fur collar which is a bonus because I can probably get more wear out of it. It also comes with a belt but I really don't think it goes at all, so I took it off, but it's good because I needed a new belt anyway! I bought a size 6 and it was about £25.

Also from H&M I bought this jumper from their basics range- it's cable knit and a slim fit with cropped sleeves. I love the green colour, although it does come in a few other colours. I think it looks really good layered over a shirt and I also think it will look good with my flippy skirt from Topshop. I think this was around £15.

The final thing I bought is also from eBay and it's these collar tips! Again, I bought these ages ago and they've only recently come and I am so happy with them. These were £1-£2 and are such good quality. I've attached them onto my pink vintage shirt at the moment and the shape is so perfect they could have been made for the shirt itself! They came with little tabs on the other side that you bend down, but they were so difficult to bend over I almost had to get a hammer out haha! But I doubt they'll fall off easily so that's good, and I am so ha[[y with them.

Japanese Style Notebook
Sew! by Cath Kidson
Spike Bracelet
Fur Trimmed Cardigan
Green Cable Knit Jumper
Collar Tips

Olivia Ellen XXX

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