Monday, 8 October 2012

Trend of the Week: Galaxy

Hiya guys! So this trend of the week is going to be all about galaxy and cosmic print items, and this is one of my ultimate favourite trends ever, it was really huge in summer and I think this is due to a lot of bloggers talking about it, and so it's just got more and more popular. I think that although it is a mainly summer trend, it can be carried over really well into autumn/winter. Galaxy is probably one of my top trends, up there with tie-dye and studs, so here are some of the pieces I've found that I'm loving at the moment:

First of all are these leggings from ASOS, and there are a lot of printed leggings around, and have been since the start of summer, and I am a fan. Styled correctly, they can look really great, and I think these are fantastic because the main colour is black they will go with most things. I also think these will be great for Autumn/Winter because of the darker colours- I have a pair of really bright floral leggings but because they are so bright I can really only get away with them in Summer, so these are perfect for both.

Next is this jumper of the left which I fell in love with when I saw- it's just so futuristic and pretty. It's from River Island and it also comes in blue, although I think both colours have already sold out in sizes 6 and 8 which is really disappointing but hey ho! Sweaters like this are really in for Autumn (I may feature these in a trend of the week soon) and I think this will go with so much, I would probably wear this with some high waisted black shorts, and then some Dr Martins. This is £30 which I would say is a bit much for this jumper, but I'm sure if you shop around you could find one pretty similar.

I've also been seeing a lot of galaxy print bralets and bandeaus around too, and this one in particular is from Boohoo and it so unbelievably cheap- it's only £8! The material looks lovely, kind of lycra/jersey and I love the shape because I think it's wearable for day and night. The pattern looks great and really one of the most realistic of all the items I've seen. I really agree with how it's worn in this picture- I need to get myself a nice bralet to wear with my disco pants and I am really tempted by this one!

So in my opinion I've left the best until last because I adore adore adore these shoes! These are from a boutique called 'We are Hairy People' on ASOS Marketplace and they are absolute perfection. These are hand painted and are peep-toe wedges. They are £56 and as they are hand painted, there is only one pair available in size 5. To be honest, the whole collection is fantastic, they have a lot of different hand painted clothing items, some beautiful galaxy print items, and lots of other things, and they vary in price. Anyway, back to the shoes- they are painted so intricately, and I think if you were to own these they really would be the focus of an outfit, and would definitely be a talking point. I really think that these could be worn for both day and night. Maybe if I can find myself £56 from somewhere and justify buying these then I would, but maybe I'll put them on my Christmas list!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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