Monday, 15 October 2012

Trend of the Week: Midi

Hiya guys! So I'm going to do another trend of the week for you, and I've been doing quite a few of these lately, I hope you don't mind and just let me know if you enjoy reading them, and also if there is any particular trends you are loving at the moment too.

The trend for this week is going to be midi skirts and dresses, and when this trend first came around I absolutely hated it, I thought it was old-fashioned and vile, but I think the more items I have seen and the more my style has changed I actually really do love the midi trend. I'm still undecided if I can pull it off (being quite short makes it a bit difficult I think) but nevertheless I think there are so many different ways to style a midi skirt or dress, so here are some items I've seen and love:

So starting simple with a basic midi pencil skirt- now these are so easy to style, as they go with so much. I've seen skirts like this worn with everything from a simple court shoe a blazer to Dr. Martins and a beanie hat, and with something like this it really just depends on your style and how confident you are with what you wear- I'm not even certain I could pull of this skirt with some Docs but on some people, it looks great.

This skirt is from New Look and you really are getting two trends in one here- firstly the midi length and also the khaki colour taps into the military trend too. This is only £9.99 and is a real staple piece if you love the midi trend.

Next up is something more extravagant and is really lovely. It has a fullish skirt and what makes this gorgeous is the woodland print the features on the skirt and the colours are really vibrant and metallic. I also like that it's kind of high waisted so you can tuck things into it, and although this couldn't be styled in too many ways, you would only have to wear it with very simple accessories as it's such a statement piece. This costs £50 and is from ASOS.

I also love the midi length in dresses, and this one on the left is a great example. This I would say ties in with the Baroque trend due to the gold swirl details, and I think that it's really pretty. The shape of the dress is simple- a round neckline with no sleeves, and just a fitted length, as the print and the bright colours do the talking. I would wear this for a night out, especially if you don't want to show off too much flesh, as it is a bit classier than a mini dress. This one is from the petite section at ASOS and costs £22.

The final thing I have to show you is another skirt which is from Topshop (£30) and what I love about this is the gold finish that the skirt has to it. It looks really classy and high-end, and it does look like it would be really good quality. This has a gold zip detail at the back, which again, I think it makes it look much more expensive, and it has a small split up the back so you can actually walk in it! I think this would be perfect for a meal out, teamed with a simple chiffon shirt and some plain heels, and I just think it's a really nice way to wear a midi skirt, and I think probably how they were originally designed to be worn.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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