Friday, 11 January 2013

Sleek i-Divine 'Au Natural' Palette Review

Hiya guys! So I'm super excited to do this post, I recently bought the Sleek i-Divine palette in 'Au Natural' and so I'm going to do a short review for you today. I already own the Sleek 'Storm' palette (read the review here) and I was browsing through the Sleek palette and just really liked the look of the colours in this- I use the 'Storm' palette on a regular basis and can see myself using this one even more because of the natural colours.

The packaging of the palette is lovely, it comes in a neat box and then the case is matte black with the Sleek logo on it. I love that the case is so light and thin, it's easy to take places with you.

It also has a mirror in the palette which is really useful for doing your eye make-up, and it's quite big too which you don't often get in palettes. When you first open the palette it has this plastic film over the eyeshadows which tell you the names of all the colours.

So the colours in the palette are really gorgeous and natural looking- there are 4 shimmery shades and 8 matte ones. I love doing a brown smokey eye look in the daytimes, and this is the perfect palette for achieving this. I haven't done any swatches for you because there are so many colours, but they are all super pigmented and the colour result is pretty much what it looks like in the tray.

I love that it comes with an applicator brush, it makes it very easy to use on the go. The palette is £7.99 which I'm more than happy to pay because I think you get great value for your money. The i-Divine palettes come in so many different colours and styles, and you can buy them here.

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