Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Quick Haul!

Hi all! Got a little haul for you today, I've only got a few items for you which I've collected over the past month or so, enjoy!

First are these gorgeous loafer-style shoes which I got from Primark. These are clearly a dupe of the Jeffrey Campbell 'Skulltini Loafers' which I adore (check them out here) but I couldn't justify over £100 on some shoes so I settled for these £8 ones instead! I adore them, they are kind of a velvety texture and have skull embroidered all over them. I haven't worn them much yet but they're pretty comfy so far!

The other day I was just strolling through Miss Selfridge and I walked past this dress, and it just caught my eye. There wasn't anything special about it- it's simple, and plain but I really wanted to try it on- and I loved it. It's a black jersey midi dress, and I've never had anything in a midi length before. I did think the length wouldn't suit me because I'm not that tall but I think it looks alright. I'm just over 5 foot 3 and this dress comes about and inch above my ankle. It's pretty fitted, and I think it will go with a lot. I'll be sure to include it an outfit post at some point soon so you can see it properly.

So next up is a product which I was very excited about trying! You see this is what YouTube does to me- it makes me buy things that I don't need! But anyway, this is the new Rimmel London 'Apocalips' lip gloss in the colour 'Apocoliptic'. I don't normally wear lip glosses because I don't like the texture of them but this is different- the colour is very intense (the one I have is a reddish-pink) and it looks glossy but it doesn't feel at all sticky, more like a lip balm, and it lasts a long time on your lips. It's £5.99 and they have a lot of intense colours but also so more natural colours like a peachy pink or a nude. I also love the taste/smell- I would say it's a watermelon flavour.

Finally are some shoes which I actually bought a while ago from Boohoo and they are incredible! They have a 6.5 inch heel, and they are black faux leather with studded toe caps and spikes down the back. I can't say they are comfortable, but they don't cripple your feet because they are mostly platform. The first time I wore them out was in the snow which was completely ridiculous as I couldn't walk and fell over numerous times but they certainly made a statement which is exactly what I was going for!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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