Monday, 18 February 2013

Trend of the Week: Holographic

Hello lovelies, today's trend is super exciting, and is something that isn't huge so far but I can see it exploding in the blogger world very soon. I'm in love with everything holographic- it just screams futuristic to me and I just think it'so so brave and exciting. Most of the items I want to show you are accessories which is the safest way to wear holographic items without looking like a spaceman!

First of all, this gorgeous holographic clutch bag from Next. This is super shiny and when it catches the light it creates the illusion of a rainbow. I think this works because of the very sleek shape of the bag and the simple plain design.
How I'd wear this: I think that with a simple black dress and some silver jewellery this clutch bag would fit in perfectly, and just add a bit of a futuristic touch to the outfit.
£18, Next

So next is a nail polish which in my opinion is perfect! I actually saw someone on Youtube wearing this and I just fell in love with it. There are 3 different colour choices- this which has a mint tone to it, one with a hint of pink and also a plain silver one. By applying a white base coat underneath it enables you to get a really strong shiny finish, so if you're not brave enough to go all out in the holographic trend this is the perfect way to start.
$10, Urban Outfitters USA

A purse now- this hard phone case with a silver holographic design on the outside. I love phone cases like this, they are super cute and just big enough to fit a smartphone and some money in. This is quite subtle hologram, could be seen as silver in some lights which I like.
£16, Urban Outfitters 

My final item is (as usual!) the most out-there. These jeans are super skinny and have a coated holographic finish. They have some beautiful green, purple and gold hues in there which are really gorgeous. Obviously you have to be brave to wear these but they would just make such a statement that I love them!
How I'd wear these: I'd probably go with a sheer black blouse tucked into the jeans with a plain blazer over the top and some plain heels on my feet. Add a clutch bag and some silver jewellery for a smart evening look.
£40, ASOS

Olivia Ellen XXX

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