Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Finding the Perfect Dress

So it's finally time- prom is on my mind. For me, prom is quite important, it's the first chance I've really got to properly dress up very formal, and  feel like a princess for the day (sorry, but it's true!). Prom can be quite a stressful time for a lot of people, looking for your dress in particular. Now I bought my dress recently and I think I did quite well with it, so here are some helpful tips to help you find your perfect dress:

Find a dress shop
For me this was so useful. I found a shop not far from where I lived that stocked bridesmaids and prom dresses and I went in there, and spent a lot of time trying on dresses, just to get an idea of what colours and what styles suited me. When I was in this shop I fell in love with a dress but it was so expensive I just couldn't buy it.

Go in with an open mind
So this I think is a pretty important step. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, but when I trying on dresses the ones that I liked best were actually completely different to what I originally wanted. Don't be too set on what you want, because you may try it on and be dissapointed.

Shop around
As I said, I fell in love in with a dress in store, but it was far too expensive for something that you are not likely to wear many times again! So later that day, I went onto the internet and there are so many different prom dress websites. I basically looked through a lot of dresses, and I managed to find one that I loved for a really cheap price.

Go with what colours suit you, not what you like
Ok, I don't mean it exactly like that. Obviously you have to like the colour of the dress you are wearing, but there may be some colours that don't suit you. I love dresses in peach and gold colours but they just do not suit my skintone as they make me look washed out. Instead, brighter colours tend to suit me more, so you've got to bear that in mind when buying a dress. Yes, it may be a lovely dress but if it doesn't suit you then what is the point? Also a lot of dresses can be made in a lot of colours, so don't worry if the photo of the dress is in a colour that doesn't suit you.

Get yourself measured
Either by a professional, or just by getting your mum to do it, make sure you measure yourself, so you can get the best fit of your dress. Once you've measured yourself, you can compare it so the size guide to find what size will fit you best, and often you can put these measurements in and they will custom make it to fit you. One thing I will say is that it's better to buy a dress that will be slightly to big, so you can take it and get is adjusted and made smaller, rather than one that is too small and you can't fit into.

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