Friday, 7 December 2012

How to Style: T-Shirts

I've been meaning to post this one for a while but I just kept putting it off, and putting it off, but now I've taken all the photos so you can finally see how I like to style t-shirts. So before I started putting together outfits, I counted up all my t-shirts and it turns out I have at least 17 in my wardrobe, and the sad thing is I still have a big list of t-shirts that I want to buy! Luckily today though, I'm only going to show you 4, otherwise you'd probably get a bit bored. The thing I love about t-shirts is that they can make a statement- all of my t-shirts probably say a little about me or they hold some sort of memory, and I also think that they can be worn with so many things. So anyway, I'll just get on and show you the outfits I created:

This first t-shirt definitely holds a special memory for me- I bought this one in March at a Charlie Simpson concert (look him up, he's wonderful) in Birmingham and it was such an incredible night, definitely the best concert I've ever been too, and so whenever I wear this t-shirt it just reminds of that night and makes me smile. So as with a lot of my t-shirts, they are quite baggy and large, so I've tucked this one in to some high-waisted leather shorts over some black tights. Then I'm wearing my bright pink shirt with a studded collar which I made myself, and I just tied in it a knot at the waist, just to stop the outfit being too baggy or loose. For accessories, I went for silver bracelets- the studded one is from eBay and the charm bracelet is vintage, and on my feet I'm wearing my Converse.

The next t-shirt is also from a concert, this one as you can probably tell is from a McFly concert that I went to in April. This one is probably the baggiest one I own, but I really like how thick it is, it's perfect for Winter. Here I'm wearing it with some bright patterned leggings from Topshop, which I love and I'm wearing the t-shirt as a kind of dress. Then I'm just wearing a vintage shirt over the top and my bag here is from Primark.

 This one is by 'Tee and Cake' at Topshop and has a photo of Beethoven on it, I particularly like the rolled up sleeves and distressed look around the hems. This look is a bit smarter than the others, and a little more girly. I've tucked the t-shirt into my black flippy skirt from Topshop and added a plain black belt. Then I'm wearing a pastel blue blazer from River Island, a floral scarf, some black boots from River Island and finally my gold bangle is new, and it's from eBay.

The final t-shirt is from Topshop and is my newest one- it's hugely popular, which is slightly annoying but I like it anyway. It has rolled up sleeves which I love, and because I got it from the Petite section I really like the length and fit of it. This is the most casual of all the outfits, and definitely the best for winter. I've teamed it with these dark khaki Leigh jeans from Topshop, and then layered up a grey hoody with my toffee-coloured quilted coat. Then I'm just wearing my grey Vans, my Panda beanie hat from River Island and on my lips is a dark purple colour by Sephora.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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