Monday, 10 December 2012

Trend Preview: White

If you're anything like me, you'll be sick of winter already- the constant feeling of being cold, and it getting dark by 5 o'clock in the evening. So I thought that today I would look forward, past winter, to spring/summer 2013 and I'm going to discuss one of my favorite upcoming trends- white. Neutrals are going to be huge, white in particular which is a bonus for me as I have quite a lot of white things in my wardrobe that I tend not to wear so much in winter. Here are four items I'd happily wear in the future months:

First of all are a pair of white jeans, these are Leigh jeans from Topshop in the colour 'Bone', so they are slightly ivory colour, but I think these will be kind of an essential for the spring/summer, because they are a basic. I think another thing I like about the 'white' trend is that it does go with everything, literally. These jeans can be worn with whatever- a bright printed t-shirt and some Converse in the day, and then they can be dressed up for the evening with some heels and a blouse. I think these are perfect, and I would definitely get these because Leigh jeans at Topshop are my absolute favourite jeans, and these ones cost £38.

Next is this little crop top from Motel which from the front is pretty simple with just a sweetheart neckline, but the back has a great ladder detail which I think is very interesting. This is £22 which is not too bad, and can be worn with anything from jeans or some high-waisted shorts, or a skater skirt. Also, because out summers aren't that hot in the UK, this would be great for layering with a fine knit jumper.

Next also from Topshop is this cream skater skirt, which would be perfect for those spring days, and again, if it's too cold to wear with bare legs, I think some black opaque tights with the spots on. It' £32 which is a little pricey, but again it's a staple that will go with anything.

The final item is so fantastic- it's by Lazy Oaf from ASOS and is £60 which is pretty pricey but it is incredible! It's a bodycon dress with long sleeves (I'm loving dresses like this at the moment) but it has an amazing alphabet print all over it, and I think the letters on it actually spell out 'Lazy Oaf'. Prints are also going to be huge this year, so this is a great way to work two trends in one go. It's also really versatille- yes, you could wear it in the conventional way with heels for a night out, but I think this would look great with some chunky boots like Doc Martins and a denim shirt.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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