Friday, 8 March 2013

My Make-Up Cupboard!

Ta-da! Yes, I have a lot of make-up. I know I do, but somehow I just can't stop buying it- there always seems so be something else I need to make my face look better, and so my make-up cabinet is pretty big.

You probably know that I love to be organised, and make-up is no exception! I take it very seriously- if I'm going out and I have my friends round to get ready, I always make sure that the next morning everything goes back in the right place.

Bottom Shelf: so on the left I keep my eyeshadow palettes, and any single eyeshadows that I use on a regular basis. I often re-organise my make-up when I buy new items, and so at the moment in the middle of my shelf is my Bare Minerals make-up, which I use pretty much on a daily basis. I keep all my make-up brushes in a clear plastic cup- I just find it keeps them all tidy and all together, and then I keep my mascaras, eyebrow pencils and other basic eye products in another plastic cup.

Middle Shelf: so, first are my primers, foundations, and concealers. Next to them are my powders and pressed blushes. In the next cup (it's a very full one) are all my eyeliners- pencils, liquids, in so many colours, and then next to them are various other face products, such as cream blushes and spot sticks.

Top Shelf: I have so many lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms that they take over a whole shelf in my cupboard! They're not really organised- just (pretty much) lined up. I would love them to be more organized, I've recently seen a really nice lipstick holder which I may end up buying to help organize this shelf, and it will also make way so I can fit in even more make-up!

I don't know if you will have found this at all useful or interesting, but I just felt this was a post which I had to show you!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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