Friday, 15 March 2013

Topshop Make-up...oops

I think the only word that comes to mind is oops- the other day, I was in London with some friends and of course, going into Topshop on Oxford Street was a huge must for me. The thing is, I'd never expected it to be quite as exciting as it was. It was huge and there was so many people, so I ended up getting pretty dazed and excited and ended up buying some more make-up, which admittedly I didn't need but hey- you can never have too much make-up right?

So you probably know by now that I'm a big fan of Topshop nail polishes, and I also bought a gold eye crayon just after Christmas and I love that too, so I thought I'd try out some other products which I haven't yet tried. I bought two things:

First of all, I bought a blush and I also swatch these when I'm on the shop but have never bought one before. They have a gorgeous cream texture but is really easy to blend in like a powder. I chose the colour 'Head Over Heels' which is a kind of apricot colour, and it just makes a gorgeous natural flush on your cheeks. I think this is probably my favourite shade of blush that they do in Topshop- some of the other colours just looked far too bright for me. Also the packaging is cute- it's lightweight and has a handy mirror inside in case you want to use it on the go.
£6, Topshop

The other product I bought was a lip product (hi, my name's Olivia and I'm a lipstick addict) and it's a lip crayon in the colour 'Royal' which is a gorgeous red. it's not particularly chunky, but applies very smoothly and I would say it has a matte finish although it doesn't specifically say that on the packaging. They had some really pretty pink colours and also a dark purple colour (which I think a friend of mine has actually) but I went for this red one because it just seemed to be a more natural red than my others- if there is such a thing as a 'natural red' (in my head there is!). So anyway, I really like it and it seems to be quite long lasting so far. It was also cheaper than a Topshop lipstick!
£7, Topshop

Do you have any favourite Topshop products? Let me know!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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