Wednesday, 5 June 2013

May Favourites

I didn't do a 'Favourites' post last month as there was nothing that really stood out to me, and by the time I'd really thought about it, I decided it was too late. This month however, I changed up my make-up and skincare routine and found a lot of things I liked. I'm slightly late posting this month but I've just got so many posts on hold for you that this was the only time I could squeeze this in! As always I'd love a follow on GFC (Google friend connect) so just click the button on the right to put a smile on my face!

I've discovered a few great Bourjois products this month:

First of all is the Bourjois 'Healthy Mix' concealer. I bought this upon recommendation from a friend and I've heard good things about it and I adore it. It has good coverage- you only need a small amount each use. It's really good on blemishes as it has raspberry and apricot extract in it which are meant to be good for your skin. I also use it under the eyes and on the eyelids as a primer. It smells lovely too- fruity, but not overpowering. They also do a foundation of this which I am yet to try but if it's anything like the concealer I'd love to try it.
£7.49, Boots

Again, I'd read great reviews about a the Bourjois 'Chocolate' bronzer- that's not the official name but I'm not so good at French so I'll leave you to figure out what it's actually called. It looks like a block of chocolate and smells like it too, but the scent is not too strong or sickly so I do really like it. It has a hint of shimmer which doesn't really show up on the skin. It's definitely buildable- you can go for a subtle all-over-bronzed look, but it also works well for dramatic contouring. The packaging is ok- it's in a cardboard package but it feels quite sturdy and I although it doesn't seem like there's a huge amount in the packet but I actually think it will last quite a while.
£5.99, Boots

Ok, the final Bourjois product is one of their 'Little Round Pot' blushes. You have no idea how long I have wanted to try one of these and I'm so glad I finally did. The packaging first of all is very cute- small with a vintage feel, also very lightweight. It has a little brush and mirror inside, neither of which are particularly useful due to the size but it's a nice touch anyway. The product itself is wonderful- really highly pigmented, and as with the bronzer, very buildable. I normally find myself reaching for my coral Topshop cream blush but recently I've been wearing this just as much, if not more. Also it smells fantastic; floral, delicate, not unpleasant at all. Overall, a top product.
£7.49, Boots

I've really been getting into this product a lot recently- I bought Max Factor's 'Creme Puff' last summer and wore it a lot on holiday instead of foundation as it provided a light coverage which was perfect for hot weather. My skin has been getting a lot better recently (I'll be publishing a post on this later this week if you want to find out how) as it's a lovely light coverage solid foundation. It feels like powder in the compact but almost applies like a cream. It comes with a sponge inside which is ok, but I prefer to apply this with my Bare Minerals full face brush as it just gives it a more even coverage. I will definitely be taking this away with me this summer as it's better than wearing a sticky foundation if it's very hot.
£5.99, Boots

Olivia Ellen XXX

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