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Hello lovely people! Today's post is going to be quite a long one but I hope you enjoy it anyway. On the 20th June I had my school prom and I have been planning my outfit for this (in all seriousness) for about 9 months. It was really exciting to me because I loved getting dressed up and being pampered. Prom can be quite expensive but it wasn't important to me how much something cost or where it came from- as long as I liked it I was happy!

I went for silver accessories as my dress had silver detailing, and I love how the silver looked with the red of the dress.

My shoes are beautiful- they are silver sparkly with a round toe, the heel is around 5 inches which is lower than I normally wear but I wanted to be comfortable all night and these are so easy to walk in. I know that these are definitely something I will wear again- to be honest, I think I will wear most of these accessories again, but these shoes will just add a glamorous touch to any outfit. When I walked into Next, I spotted these straight away and just fell in love.

The bag was the hardest thing for me to find- all the high street stores I went into seemed to have a lot of gold clutch bags but nothing in silver! Eventually I found this beauty on eBay for just £13.95. It's a box clutch  , covered in silver sequins with a silver catch. It comes with a long shoulder strap and a shorter strap too which I will use in the future but for prom I went with just the clutch version. It's a good size- enough to fit in your phone, lipstick etc.

This necklace was very exciting for me- I picked it up a while ago in a charity shop for £2.50 without knowing at that point I was going to use it for prom, I just knew I loved how sparkly it was! Despite all the gems, it's quite a small and simple design, and I love the fact that someone would have worn this in the past- I know it's quite old because it doesn't even have a real clasp, so I just love imagining who used to own this and when they wore it!

Earrings- these were only £3.99 from Internacionale. I love the shape of them as they're not too large, but I love how they catch the light and reflect in all different colours. I originally wanted huge dangly earrings but when I saw these I really liked the size of them as they still make a statement but don't take the whole focus of the outfit.

I like the way this bracelet kind of matches the earrings, due to the way the gems reflect the light. I love the spikes because it just keeps something of my own style in an otherwise formal and girly outfit. I did struggle to find a bracelet to fit me- even the stretchy bracelets were too large for my wrists, I didn't think they were that slim! Anyway, this one is elasticated but it is smaller so a perfect fit. Plus it was only £3 from Primark!

I got my make-up done professionally at Bare Minerals- as I use Bare Minerals on a daily basis, I decided not to change this and to go with this for my prom make-up as I know it suits me. We basically decided on a smokey eye, natural brows and a bronzed face with false eyelashes to make the eyes pop.

On my nails I chose Barry M Nail Effects in 'Silver Foil'. It's just a silver metallic shade and only cost £3.99. It's simple but compliments the dress and my accessories, and I wasn't worried about it lasting for a long time- prom is only one evening after all!

The Outfit
Finally, my complete outfit! I bought my dress from an online dress shop back before Christmas. You can chose whatever colour you want, I went for red because I think the colour suits me and it would make a statement. It has a fishtail style with ruffles all the way down, it's strapless and has silver sequin detailing around the bust. I adore it and felt like a princess the whole time I was wearing it.

What did you wear for your prom? Did you enjoy it?

Olivia Ellen XXX

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