Friday, 18 October 2013

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara

Like many people, my brows are very important to my make-up look and having quite wild brows, I always need to use a clear brow gel to set them in place. I normally just use a clear brow gel, but I ran out of this and was going to repurchase it when I saw an advert for the new Maybelline Brow Drama brow gel. I was really interested to try it out so I picked it up in Boots for about £4.50.

I bought the shade 'Medium Brown' which is the perfect shade for my brows. The brush is really interesting in shape but actually works really well for combing my brows into place. After I've filled in my brows, I brush this over the top and the colour just matches the brow powder I use perfectly. The staying power is really great, even through rain it lasted all day and tamed my rampant brows. It's also great for very natural days, the colour just slightly tints my brows and also keeps them neat.

I'm so glad I bought this and I would really recommend it- it's definitely worth the extra money and is available here.

Olivia Ellen XXX


  1. We use tu use this product because two of us have few hairs on the eyebrows!

    1. I too love this, check out my review


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