Friday, 6 December 2013

Updated Brush Collection // Brush Cleaning

I've been planning on doing this post for a while now and when someone requested it recently I decided it was time! I do have a fair few brushes but I do use the majority of them on a regular basis- however I'm in very bad habits when it comes to cleaning them! I try and clean them every 2 weeks but it's been about a month since I last did them, oops. First here are all the brushes I own:

Real Techniques Core Collection: I use all of these brushes on a daily basis, they're great quality and value for money.

Bare Minerals: Full Flawless Application Face Brush // Flawless Face Brush // Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush: these all came with he Bare Minerals starter kit which makes it great value as these brushes are pretty pricey if you were to buy them separately. I love the flawless face brush for applying bronzer.

ELF: Studio Stipple Brush // Blush Brush // Foundation Brush // Eye Crease Brush // Eyebrow Wand // Smudge Brush: ELF brushes are great for beginners to make-up or for people who don't want to invest in the best brushes. They're so cheap and do the job, but not more.

Miscellaneous Brushes: this large brush is my powder brush from boots, there's also a fluffy eye brush and my lip brush too.

When it comes to cleaning, I have a very simple method. Many people use shop-bought brush cleaners but I find it just as easy (plus cheaper too) with this method. I take some antibacterial soap which makes them nice and clean, then some olive oil which conditions them and keeps them soft. I put these both on a plate and swirl my brushes in that so that I can see the make-up coming off of them.

Then it's time to rinse- I use lukewarm water and it's essential to rinse your brushes downwards so there's less chance of the water weakening the glue. I then put them on a flat surface to dry naturally for around 24 hours to ensure they're completely dry. Of course, some dry quicker than others (the Real Techniques brushes for example dry super quickly).

Olivia Ellen XXX

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