Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Amethyst Crystal Bullet Necklace // Vintage Fashion Jewellery

While I do love a good statement necklace, most days I tend to find myself reaching for simpler pendants to compliment my outfit. You may remember earlier in the year when I raved about the rainbow crystal necklace I picked up from Vintage Fashion Jewellery. Recently I received another gorgeous necklace from them in the form of this amethyst crystal on a silver chain.

The amethyst is absolutely beautiful- it has various shades of purple in it and catches the light so beautifully when I wear it. It's just the right size so that it's noticeable but not too chunky, and the wire detailing toughens it up a bit. The chain is a good length on me- it hangs just below my collarbones so when wearing shirts or v-necks it sits just right. The thing that impresses me most about Vintage Fashion Jewellery items are the price and quality- the items are so well made yet so reasonably price. I remember saying that when I was first looking to buy a crystal necklace, the ones people were recommending were all over £20 so I am so glad I found this company.

You can pick up this Amethyst Crystal Necklace* here along with a range of other gorgeous jewellery items. Definitely a brand to check out if you're into your jewellery!

Olivia Ellen XXX

(Disclaimer: all items marked with an asterisk were gifted by a company but all opinions are my own)

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