Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Summer Isn't Over // Wishlist

Last year I got ready for Autumn far too early- I was into jumpers and boots bang on the 1st September and I regretted it because I found myself missing my summer clothes. OK, here in England it isn't going to be warm for that much longer but that doesn't mean I can't still dress in cute skirts and dresses.

The outfit I want to show you today would be perfect for running everyday errands, be it going shopping or hanging out with some friends during the day. I've always wanted a denim skirt and this floral one from Topshop is adorable- it evens comes with option of a matching denim jacket. I'd team it with a cute little crop top like this one from Forever 21 and trainers- since buying a pair of Nikes for myself (got a shoe unboxing of these coming soon!) I've become hooked. They are so comfortable and these mint green ones are super summery. To tie the whole look together I've chosen a shade called Mermaid Green Pearl from Sephora which is just stunning which would really stand out on your nails.

Of course, bargains are suitable all year round- at Raise you can buy and sell gift cards for different stores, including some of the ones I've mentioned here. If you head over here you can pick up a Nike gift card and pick up these shoes with over a 2% saving! This is a great way to save some extra money when buying or to get rid of a gift card that you know you won't use, so I'll definitely be checking that out.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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